Blizzard of 2015

I'd say we got about 18" of snow.  I just heard the plow make two passes down our street so I'm going to head out and get my 3 miles in. 

Work was interesting last night. Some people were coming in as I was leaving to sleep there so they'd be ready to go at 7 am and others were calling in sick. It sure makes it easy for the big bosses to see who is dedicated to their jobs and patients and who is not!


Songbird Snack

She found it on the driveway and I couldn't get it away from her. She left the beak and some feathers. Ugh!!!



Allan set this desk up in David's room this weekend. It was a great freecycle gain from Massachusetts.  



I just bought sixty yogurts that expire at the end of this month. They were half price! Any doubts I had about buying so many were gone when I noticed Alex had eaten one before I put the other 59 in the refrigerator. 


Bucks Bucks

Sooo I bought a Starbucks gift card with the intention of giving it to David's teacher for Christmas and ended up joining in a group gift. I suggested Allan give it to me in my stocking. He kept it. For weeks. Then tried to use it at the Starbucks at work but they aren't a corporate kiosk so they wouldn't accept it. I want it now!  It's mine!


Three Pointer

Alex got his first three pointer this weekend.  It was his team's first win too and they took the lead for the first time with his basket.



Like father, like son. Tom eats Quaker oatmeal everyday just like his dad. Who is just like his dad. Favorite flavor for both: Raisins and Spice. 


Winter Waarrior

Today I'm going to say I ran 5K in -17 Celsius because it sounds much more badass in metric. 


Undecking the Halls


Allan took David and Tom to the doctor for their checkups.
Tom at 6 is 47.5" 49.2 lb
David at 6 45" 44.4 lb
Alex at 6 51.25" 58.5 lb

David is almost 8 1/2
50.75" 52.8 lb
Alex at 8 57.5" 76 lb
Alex at 9 59" 79.6 lb



My 39th birthday started with a migraine. But I made it out of the fog and am looking forward to celebrating on the first when the whole family is off. They are talking about making me a cake.

I got some great gifts and plan to wear my new long sleeved tech shirt, jacket and compression socks while I carry the dual dog walking leash on a walk or run of at least 1 mile every day in Jan and enjoy a cold glass of Nuun electrolyte drink when I get back.