8 Year Stats

David: 50.5" 51 lb

your child is 51 pounds, and that is 
at the 23rd percentile for weight.

your child is 50.5 inches, and that is 
at the 51st percentile for height.

Alex at 8: 57.5" 76 lbs
Alex at 6: 51.25" 58.5 lb
Alex at 5: 48.25" 52 lb


Sponsored Kids

We first sponsored Djidiack when I was at a Women of Faith conference three years ago. They had pictures on a table and I picked his up and then of course couldn't put him down. 
He has grown over the years.  

And this young lady lives in Haiti where $75 a year pays for her schooling. It's nice to see a little girl on our fridge. 


Hair Cuts

I was entrusted to the boys' haircut code for the first time ever.

And probably lost all rights to the haircut responsibility by taking them here:


Paw Sox

We got Allan tickets to a Pawtucket Red Sox game today for Father's Day. And he deflected a foul ball onto David's seat. Awesome!!!


13 Year Stats

5'7 1/4"
130 lb

I remember being 5'7 and hitting 100 lb in 7th grade, he is starting 8th 



Tom started sitting a couple of days before early intervention was scheduled to visit.  I had to use a bottle of nail polish to distract him.  I still have that polish and it's currently on my toes!


Elephant Ride 8/2008


Throwback Thursday:
Goblet of Fire-done!


Saying No

I was telling Allan about my trip to a really cool yarn store with my mom.  She saw a shawl she liked made with expensive yarn using a technique I've not done and four different colors of yarn that you alternate.  I would like to make it for her but it's just not going to happen.  Allan said, "you're really good at saying no."  Uh, thanks? 

My neighbor asked me to watch her kids in the morning for less than an hour before school and put them on the bus. She said she'd pay me. I said no and only felt one slight twinge of guilt.  It would have been perfect before I went back to work but when the boys go back to school I will have an hour in the morning and 45 minutes after school with them and I don't need interlopers. 


Goodbye Ocean City

We had a great week.  But as the previous occupants of our rental unit wrote in the guest book it went by too quickly.  Allan enjoyed bringing our boys to the place he vacationed as a kid. I enjoyed the family atmosphere and beautiful beaches. Alex loved riding the waves in the ocean. David enjoyed the beach in general. Tom loved eating Manco & Manco pizza. Okay so we all loved the pizza.  And Brown's doughnuts and Shriver's salt water taffy and Botto's Italian sausage.  I had my first (and second!) funnel cake.  

We spent many hours at the beach swimming, shell collecting, sand sculpting, bird watching and kite flying.  We enjoyed rides, eating, shopping and mini golf on the boardwalk. We got together with friends that happened to be there the same week. Allan and Alex even caught a Phillies game. 

They boys are trying to get us to commit to a week next year.  Maybe.  



Everybody helped put together the puzzle. The weather has been perfect and we are all a bit chafed and in need of a break from the sun. 



wanted to rent a surrey and ride on the boardwalk for my activity of choice. It was hard work! Especially since David and Tom couldn't reach the pedals to help. And Alex kept taking breaks. We stopped for a frozen custard and the seagulls were thrilled that Tom immediately dropped his. 


I love the boardwalk! And especially this morning when I went for a short run.