The whole family is camping in a real tent tonight with the cub scouts.  

After last weekend's tent debacle I'm a little nervous.  David threw up on Alex in the tent in the living room. I hope it doesn't smell. 


Last Day/Five Years

It's bittersweet!  LEGO is a great company and our family will miss the perks for sure. Off to a new adventure starting 11/3 and until then he's got a to do list a mile long. 


I'm Really Tired

Allan told me last night Tom was waiting to be tucked in and he yelled, "Dad! c'mon I'm really tired!" 



Happy Birthday Nugget


Teal Pumpkin Project

Oh look Tom didn't know he was doing a kind gesture to kids with allergies.  I will have to make sure we have some safe treats.  


Tom Silva?

What do you do when you're five and home sick? Watch This Old House of course.

Like father, like son. But usually they watch together. He independently put it on after Allan went to work. 



Allan loves acetone.  He has a big metal bottle of it that I'm pretty sure has been hand carried trhough more than one move.  He loves to recommend acetone and a wire brush for cleaning anything. Including stinky boys as a joke.  

Tom wanted to paint his pumpkin green. I had some paint that I used last year to make minion pumpkins so I mixed yellow and blue and let him paint the thing right on the front step.  I remember that paint cleaning up easily. Apparently the surface type is a huge factor.  

Allan told me the green drips on the step wouldn't come off easily or even at all. I assured him the hose would take care of it.  

Sigh. Figure 1 is after a serious hosing.  I had to resort to acetone and the wire brush. And worse I had to suffer through a major marital I'm right and you're wrong.  And I will have subtle green drips to remind me of it as long as we live in this house. 

Figure 1
Figure 2



We had to retire our 2006 iMac yesteday. It served us well but started dying a few weeks ago and we opted to shut it down so we can transfer the data before it bites the dust completely. Of course Allan has the original box.  


A Girl

Alex danced with a girl at the school dance last night and I promised to be mature about it and not tease him. It will not be easy!   

I asked him to tell me her name.  Silence.  I asked him to tell me if it's the same girl he was interested in last year and he said he didn't want to answer that question. I'm going with yes. 


Three Weeks

I was half hoping Allan would be told to surrender his laptop and get his personal effects when he submitted his resignation yesterday because he could use a break right now but, alas, he wasn't and now we have a countdown to his last day.  


Breakfast & Lunch

Look what I found at Target!
After working until midnight on Tuesday night I must have been more tired than I thought yesterday morning because I packed Tom's lunch and put it in David's backpack.   David doesn't like peanut butter so he usually has hot lunch.  Tom tried hot lunch at the kindergarten preview and was unimpressed. And when he went in expecting chicken nuggets one time this year and they ran out and substituted something offensive he declared no more hot lunch (please!) so he refused to eat yesterday. He has money in his account. He's five.  I'm surprised they didn't make him take a tray.  Since David didn't touch the packed lunch Tom ate it on the way to pick Alex up from cross country.  


New Job

Someone I love has accepted a new job pending drug test and background check.  It will be a promotion for him and he's very excited.  Live near Hartford long enough and eventually one of the big insurance companies will assimilate you into their collective.  Haha!