Family Christmas Party

We are having our five member family Christmas party today and Tom made cookies for us to enjoy. 



Allan can't wait for Alex to outgrow these boots so he can hand them down. At the rate he's growing that will probably be in February. 



I got up before six to take Alex to Lego League so I tried to catch a few Z's on the couch.  First Bailey joined me, then Tom, then David and Nugget got within licking distance on the floor.  Allan watched from his very own spacious love seat.


New Wallpaper

I woke up to find this on our computer background, courtesy of Alex.
He found it here.



When I worked every other weekend from the time I was in college until Alex was four I really appreciated weekends off. Then I started working every weekend and did that for four years.  Then I had four years off where weekends were actually harder because everyone was home and seemingly always hungry and or making a mess. 

For the past year I've had weekends off and I have a good sense of the typical american workweek while still only working part time. And my mood starts to lift on Thursday mornings and fall on Sunday evenings. 

On the other hand we are so busy we generally start talking planning and logistics for the weekend on Wednesday. Birthday party, parade, Lego league practice and state competition, Sunday school, church, confirmation and a 5K race. Wow!

Last weekend I finished the Gryffindor Scarf. Over 15,000 stitches!



My baby boy is six today. I took a deal to work 3-11 tonight in exchange for last night off so we celebrated then. He didn't mind opening his gifts early.
All the other pics are trapped in Allan's camera. 



Bailey turned two today and this marks one year with our family. 
We celebrated with a three mile run. 


Gaptastic Cowl

I finished this last night. Hopefully I can knock out Gryffindor soon. 



I forgot to make these.  Next year. 



I lost one of my favorite earrings about two months ago. 

I got over it. 

And then on Wednesday night I opened a drawer at work on a floor I don't usually work on and grabbed a post it note and found my earring wrapped inside.  Someone must have found it and put it in the drawer and it sat waiting for me. I was elated!

And then I got home and couldn't find it's match. So I've lost two of my favorite earrings. Haha!



I was looking for a smallish leakproof bottle for Allan to take iced tea in his lunch. Most of the ones at Target were plastic (I want to pour hot tea in them and refrigerate and don't want to risk leaching chemicals into his tea) and he glass ones were too big to fit in a lunchbox. 

I remembered seeing glass bottles of tea in the refrigerated section so I picked these up at Walgreens for $2 each including the first batch of tea.  It was good tea too. They work perfectly and I have a whole week of bottles that I paid less for than a single bottle on Amazon.