I took the dogs for their walk this morning and a fox crossed our path.  They took off running like I've never seen before! 



David took tickets and Tom stamped hands for re-entry.
I had a plan for Allan to pick them up midway through the two hour shift if they got too bored but two snow cones and a bag of popcorn helped them make it the whole time.  

Scouts earned $16 for our shift, we got $10 off a camping trip and I spent $20 on food. Sigh.  

Alex and I spent most of Saturday helping at our church's annual lobster dinner. I was too busy to snap a picture of him in a lobster hat but you can picture it.  

And FYI to those that want to see Alex's confirmation it will take place on a Sunday in June. 



We shall see if they're still smiling after taking tickets at the Four Town Fair for two hours. 


Filling the Tank

Bailey is a nervous little dog.  I wonder what her life was like before we rescued her. Sometimes I imagine she has a number of pets that she missed out on and each time I give her some love that negative number gets smaller and smaller. 


The Note

That was the first week of school and I'm pleased to say the second week went off without a note. 



I was getting multiple spam blog comments per day so I adjusted my security and then it became too hard or even impossible for real people to comment so I changed it again.  Try it out!



I bought the boys new shoes for school a couple of weeks ago.  And when we got home I realized Tom's were a half size smaller than his current shoes.

So I took them back.  And stood waiting while the cashier took quite some time trying to figure out how to return and resell a pair that had participated in the buy one get one half promotion.

Then I noticed Costco had the exact same brand for $10 less.

Then school started and Tom wore the shoes once.  Then Bailey chewed the tongue out of one shoe.

I checked Sam's Club.  No Skechers.  So I went to Costco and realized they are closed on Labor Day.  Then I went today and of course, they have many pairs of girls Skechers but no boys.

So I went back to Famous Footwear and they are now out of his size.

So I paid $50 for a pair on the clearance rack.  And turned down the buy one get one half promotion because I'm tired of shoes.  Please leave these alone, Bailey I can't take anymore shoe shopping.



In participating in a challenge at work and got a Fitbit to track my steps, calories, and sleep.  It's really cool.  

I always knew I was a good sleeper and the wristband tracks my movements. 
Last night was the best:
It looks like I slipped into a coma.  



I just spent an hour modifying a document I use daily at work.  The computers at work are incredibly slow and you have to log in as a unique user each time and I can't seem to figure out how to save a document to my desktop so each time I need an admission packet I have to open my email, download two separate documents and replace "Mickey Mouse" with the patient's name and then print.  And as archaic as that is I used to have to photocopy a blank and write in the name at least 30 times.

So I combined the documents and reordered the pages at home and emailed it to my work address.  I can now download just one document and the best part is that the pages are in a good order.  Of the 50 pages I print:
10 are consents which were in a bad order with two pages buried in the middle
10 go to the CNA-I used to have to search for two additional pages to add in
10 get filed on the chart
and 20 I do with the last 10 being 'less important' so if I didn't get those done they can be done the next day and they were all out of order.

Now it's in oder and for the next 20 or so patients I will smile at my up front investment.  Even though I really struggled with mixing portrait and landscape pages in the same file. 


8 Year Stats

David: 50.5" 51 lb

your child is 51 pounds, and that is 
at the 23rd percentile for weight.

your child is 50.5 inches, and that is 
at the 51st percentile for height.

Alex at 8: 57.5" 76 lbs
Alex at 6: 51.25" 58.5 lb
Alex at 5: 48.25" 52 lb


Sponsored Kids

We first sponsored Djidiack when I was at a Women of Faith conference three years ago. They had pictures on a table and I picked his up and then of course couldn't put him down. 
He has grown over the years.  

And this young lady lives in Haiti where $75 a year pays for her schooling. It's nice to see a little girl on our fridge.