New England Checklist

My sister is coming to visit for a few days. She hasn't been anywhere near New England since the 80's when she went to New Jersey with our aunt.  She must:
1. Hear a true Boston accent, hopefully with the word 'car'
2. Eat at Dunkin Donuts
3. Go on a Boston Duck tour
4. Get a Red Sox shirt from Yawkey Way (we are visiting on an away day so we can't catch a game)
5.  Eat at Legal Seafood 
6. Enjoy a cannoli from Mike's Pastry
7. Take a dip in the Atlantic Ocean or Long Island Sound if you want to get specific. 
8. Hear someone describe something as wicked, preferably wicked awesome. 
9.  Order a tonic or a frappe
10.  See the rotary in my town. 

Too bad I can't take her to work and have her hear someone ask for a clean Johnny. 


Allan will not be pleased. 



My goal to run or walk a mile everyday from July 4th to Labor Day was nearly thwarted last night when, after 9:00 on my way home from work I remembered that I hadn't walked my mile yet.  So I trudged through the neighborhood and when my phone said 0.5 miles I turned around.  And then when I got to my front door and it only said .95 miles I said GOOD ENOUGH!

Football Hats

For my nephews. Outtake photo #2



Alex got his bike down from the hook and fixed the chain and filled his tires and is going to ride to his friend's house today. Yay, I'm kind of sick of driving him all over. 


Dog Walkers

My buddies helped me walk the dogs yesterday.  I told them we were going a mile and they couldn't complain or they had to stay home.  We made two loops around the block and neither one wanted to stop after the first lap. 


Four Places

Tonight a friend is taking Tom to vacation bible school family night.  And another friend is driving him from the church to he baseball field to Allan.  

And another friend/babysitter is meeting Allan at a different field and taking David to his game and then dropping him off to Allan who will be at Alex's All Stars district semifinals game.  

And I will be at work :(



The boys are having a good summer so far.  David and Tom just finished session 1 of swimming lessons.  Alex's baseball team is 4-1.  David's summer ball season started with a practice rain-out.  Allan and I are enjoying a three day weekend.

I just started a summer mileage streak.  Run or walk at least 1 mile between July 4th and Labor day.  My marathon training is going well.  I'm set for fourteen miles on Sunday.


Dog Whisperer

Look who coaxed a neighbor dog in our house.  


I came home a couple of days ago after leaving the boys home alone.  I didn't pull into the garage because I wanted to grab them and go.

I walked up to the garage door and started organizing a box of chips we keep out there when I heard a low, scary growl coming from Bailey inside the door.  If I was a thief I would have turned tail and ran because she sounded so vicious. 



I heard the microwave and David walked up to me with a little smile. "I know how to use the microwave." 

I asked him what he was microwaving and he said nothing.  

Yeah, clearly if the kid is microwaving nothing he doesn't know how to use it. 


Wii Are Brothers

Tom is too lazy to play Wii. 


Quilted Wall Hanging

David brought home the picture on the left that he made in art class for Grandma Arlene while she was here.  She used it to inspire the quilted wall hanging on the right.  It turned out beautiful!  I'm going to send these pictures to the art teacher.


Adventure: Hartford

I was going to bring the boys to the Connecticut Science Center today but we saw umpteen school buses around the building and once we got inside there were hundreds of kids there.  So we decided to walk to Bushnell Park to ride the carousel.
Far right red arrow to the green space in the center of the map.  A fair walk but it's a nice park.  Once there we watched a heron dive into the pond and eat a carp.  We found some bread to feed the ducks and fish and played on the playground.  Sadly, the carousel wasn't open yet.

At the park I looked up info on the Dash bus.  It's a free downtown area shuttle bus that promised to stop near the park and at the convention center where we had parked.  I asked two mounted police officers if they knew where the stop was.  And then two random people.  Nobody knew.  I tried to use Siri to guide me and it was a disaster.  I had it set on car instead of foot so it routed us waaaay around the park when all we would have had to do was cut through it.  That's the point in the center of the green to the point just above it but we took the blue route there.  It was hot, we were hungry and there was road construction going on.  I had to carry Tom on my back.  We finally found a deli and ate lunch.  Neither of the deli employees had heard of the Dash bus.  While I was sitting I looked at the map and found a stop .3 miles away.  We walked there and rode the nice air conditioned bus right back to our car.

Our route is yellow and the Dash bus route is blue.  It was over two miles!  Ooops!!!  But next time we'll know exactly what to do.

Allan and my mother have been on enough of my adventures to understand what the boys experienced.  But they must have some of me in them because they didn't complain too much.  And since they got their exercise they're enjoying an extra hour of screen time.  Overall it was a beautiful summer day in a beautiful city.  



I had a visit with my PCP yesterday and he encouraged me to sign up with a website that tracks my conditions, prescriptions, vitals, labs, etc.  It's really cool.  Except the part where they have me listed as being 7'1" tall.  I can't correct it myself.  I should make an appointment and complain that I seem to be shrinking at a rapid rate.  Heeeellp!  I'm shrinking!!!!  Shrinking away...